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An Exciting Introduction To Exotic Animals In Orlando, FL

Four animal adventures with the family won't be complete without a visit to Boo, the fainting goat, and the rest of our exotic animals in Orlando, FL. We'd like to introduce you to our diverse and fascinating array of creatures and invite you to learn why it's important to protect the animals of our planet. There is no better time or place to introduce everyone in the family to the wide range of creatures that share the globe. We hope that through education and empathy, taking care of animals becomes a priority. Exotic Animal Experience In Orlando encourages individuals to learn about the importance of their care and preservation.

Meeting our exotic animals in person makes an impact that photographs and videos cannot. The personalities and quirks of each individual are best-enjoyed one-on-one. There is nothing like looking into the eyes of a goat or gazing up at a towering camel to help you appreciate the wonders of the animal world. Our canine greeters will show you around and will likely request an occasional scratch behind the ear.

Explore the personalities below and plan your visit to say hello to them. We love welcoming guests and can't wait to meet you on your animal adventure with the family.



Meet Willie, our African pygmy goat. At just five years old, this cute fellow has a white goal and is always happy to come by for a scratch on the head.

Boo the Fainting Goat

Born with a breed-wide genetic disorder, Boo is our beloved fainting goat and the star of a viral video. This gold-and-white little guy is three years old and known for his sweet demeanor and love of human interaction.

Two Goats
Brown and White Goat


The twin brother of Cotton, Heath, is also a pygmy-fainting goat mix without the recessive fainting gene. Born in 2019, Heath is one of the younger goats featured on our tour.

Dromedary Camel

Baby Girl

Baby is a 4-month-old camel who loves everyone and can't wait to give you kisses!!

Baby Girl


Last but certainly not least, we'd like to introduce you to our canine ambassadors. We have three dogs — Keeva, Mick, and Rascal — who serve as greeters for our compound. These pups are an integral part of our facility and are always a pleasant sight as visitors make their way through.

Keeva with Zebra


Keeva is an Irish Wolfhound born in 2013 who serves as one of our beloved canine greeters. Gray in color and incredibly sweet, this pooch is known for her super sensitive, lovable nature.


Meet our three-year-old Harlequin Great Dane Nick. A resident of the compound since he was a puppy, Nick is known for his goofy personality and loving spirit.



Our black and white Labradoodle has resided at our animal facility his entire life. Coming to us by way of a local breeder, this soon-to-be one-year-old pup is adorable, loving, and happy to greet guests as they visit.

In Honor of Jasper
R. I. P. Jasper
1997 - 2014
You Will Always Be In My Heart