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Intimate Exotic Animal Encounters for Orlando, FL, Locals, and Visitors

Journey to a place filled with cute creatures by visiting Exotic Animal Experience. Our one-of-a-kind facility is filled with a wide variety of creatures ranging from zebras to lemurs and wallabies. Our 7-acre property is the best place for an exotic animal encounter in Orlando, FL, because we let you get close to all 40 of our gentle and social creatures. They easily interact with humans and each other.

Schedule a time to visit and cuddle the creatures during your own private tour with the exotic animals. This is your chance to feed baby sloths and pet the soft fur of endangered animals. As the human population grows, their homes shrink. Experiencing these little ones up close and personal helps you get to know your animal neighbors.

Observe Kangaroos, Lemurs, and More

Exotic Animal Experience is enjoyable for animal lovers of all ages. Who can resist the wide-eyed appeal of a lemur, the antics of kangaroos, or the round snout of a sloth? We don’t keep our animals behind glass; you can pet and interact with them instead of just looking at them. The way we operate makes seeing, learning about, and appreciating animals much more fun than at a zoo.

Come Meet Our Newest Babies

Chilli Bean
Chilli Bean
Auggie & Addie
Baby Girl
Baby Girl


Unfortunately all species of Lemur are endangered, and the ruffed Lemurs that you meet here are critically endangered. 

Charlie and Liam


This red-fronted brown lemur is best friends with one of our other lemurs, Liam. Charlie is just five years old. Though he isn't part of our tours, you'll fall in love with his sweet, unique personality.

Liam the Ringtail Lemur

Liam is the oldest of our lemurs and the first resident of our compound. Liam is eight years old and is known for his quiet, protective demeanor. The dominant member of his troop, he prefers to socialize with other animals, while keeping his distance from most people.


A tri-colored, ruffed lemur, beautiful Lolli is black and white in color. Lolli is seven years old and was our first-born girl. Today, she has had two litters and resides with two of her daughters, who have recently started their own litters. The respected matriarch of her troop, Lolli is sweet and, while she won't jump in your lap, loves to have her belly rubbed.


Lolli's mate and Jelly Bean's father, Poppi is six years old. A true black and white male, this adorable lemur is social but submissive. Though quiet, he loves interacting with people and has parented two litters with Lolli.

Standing Lemur
Jelly Bean and Peeper

Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean is Lolli and Poppi's first born who made her entry into the world right here at our ranch. Though this three-year-old is considered tricolor, she is black and white like her father. Jelly Bean is incredibly sweet-natured and, after having her first baby this year, becoming an amazing mommy. Like her parents, she is also happy to interact with humans.

Ju Ju Be

Another child of Lolli and Poppi, Ju Ju Be is a two-year-old lemur born on our ranch. From a set of triplets, she's known for her love of people and other animals. Ju Ju Be is black and white in color and absolutely loves to play.

Chilli Bean

Chilli Bean is Jelly Bean's & Ruffie's first baby. Though considered a true tricolor lemur, her fur is red and black, giving her a distinct appearance. Born earlier this year, Chilli Bean is our cute little munchkin.


A red ruffed lemur, Ruffie is two years old. A sweet, loving boy, Ruffie is always happy to pose for pictures and will even perch on your shoulder, making him perfect for our tours.

Lemur on Enclosure


Born just last year, this red ruff lemur female has been a resident of the E.A.E since she was just six weeks old, Redrika is slowly adapting and integrating into our troop.


Two Kangaroos


Owen came to us from an exotic auction and has lived at our facility for the past eight years. Though we're not 100% sure, we think he's about 15 years old and acts like a grandpa figure to Grey Goose, the youngest of our kangaroos. He is an Eastern Gray Kangaroo and stands in at six feet tall.


This Western gray kangaroo is 11 years old and known for his meek, mild temperament. Rooster weighed just three pounds when he came to us at seven months old, though he's thrived in the years since. He currently stands at about five feet tall.

Love Bug

Love Bug is a Western gray kangaroo who came to us at just six months old, kangaroos are typically weaned at about a year and a half old. He's developed love for people and is always happy to interact with visitors who can feed him his bottle. Love Bug is six years old and stands at about five feet tall.


He is a Red Kangaroo. He is three years old. He is small and came to us from another compound in Florida. He was injured and it was thought he would have a more successful recovery here. He is currently 4 feet tall and he will continue to grow for another four years. His favorite snack is Cheerios.

Kangaroo in Bee Costume

Grey Goose

An Albino Eastern gray, Grey Goose is the baby of the group. Just one and a half, he's been a member of our family since he was six months old and treats Owen as a grandfather. He is shy, but loves to spar with Owen and snack on Cheerios.


She is our newest baby. Sydney is a red female joey. Super sweet baby! Be sure to come visit while she’s still small enough to hold.


Gisele is an eastern grey female joey. She is half albino, so very light in color, and just as sweet as she can be! She just loves to snuggle! Oh, and suck her binky!



Meet our population of swamp wallabies!



Gray and light orange in color, Rooby is just three years old. This cute, friendly wallaby will even let the occasional visitor glimpse into her pouch.


After sustaining an injury, Wally came to our facility to get better healing. Currently, this two-year-old wallaby is gaining his mobility back and beginning to hop again.

Adele and Augusta

come meet our agile wallaby joeys, Adele and Augusta aka Addie and Auggie. They are super cute and love to snuggle with you AND each other!



Our animal encounter includes three Guyanese sloths. These mellow herbivores live on a diet of veggies like carrots, lettuce, and cucumbers.

Two Sloths


Blossom has been with us since 2016 and has quickly become the ambassador for our compound. She travels to all of our engagements and events, giving animal enthusiasts around the nation a glimpse into the daily life of our light gray sloth.


This three-year-old, light gray sloth came to us in 2016. Weighing in at about 17 pounds, Saki adores Blossom and can usually be found by her side. Currently, we're waiting to see if Saki and Blossom will have babies.

Khal Drogo

Khal Drogo came to our compound in January of this year, weighing a mere two pounds when he arrived. He's currently up to five pounds and is in the holding program, where he loves to be held.

Khal Drogo


She is a 2 toed sloth who is just adorable. If your dream is to see , pet a baby sloth be sure to come soon! They grow up fast!


Kiwi and Mango


Kiwi was one of the first animals we welcomed into our home. Weight about four pounds, this eight-year-old kinkajou is brown with a yellow chest and came to us through a breeder here in Florida. She's friends with Liam the Lemur and is part of our holding group. Kiwi uses her tail to climb and prefers marshmallows as a snack. Frequently cold, she spends much of her time snuggled up in her blanket.


Three-year-old Mango is Kiwi's mate and was adopted in 2017 at 2 years old Like Kiwi, he has a medium-brown coat and weighs about 10 pounds and is not part of the holding group.

Muntjac Deer

These exotic deer are herbivores and subsist on a diet of grains and veggie-based foods. Muntjac Deer are native to Southeast Asia.


This seven-year-old deer was one of our original family members. Mojo has antlers, fangs, but barks like a dog. Weighing around 10 pounds, he is recognizable by his brown coat and white belly. As one of our first animals, Mojo was best friends with Poppi and Love Bug upon coming to the compound.

Relaxed Deer


Mojo's mate , Mia is four years old and has been in our family for her entire life. Mia is litter box-trained and acts a lot like a puppy, running whenever she hears her name called.


The progeny of Mojo and Mia, Mimi was born prematurely in August of 2018. Though Mimi is unfortunately blind in one eye, she is quickly learning that she loves to have her neck scratched by guests.

Deer with Fawn

Single Animals



Turning two years old this November, Olive is an owl monkey. Brown with an orange chest, this omnivorous primate eats a little bit of everything and came to us from a breeder at just five weeks old. Today, this highly interactive monkey participates in tours on the compound and is featured in our Ultimate Visit.


Peeper is Olive's roommate and one of our primates. This brown greater galago eats an omnivorous diet — his favorite snack is marshmallows — and absolutely loves people. Soft to the touch and lightweight, this primate is a fast, excellent jumper who uses his tail for balance. Peeper is also part of our in-home tour.



An herbivore with a particular love for grapes and bananas, Quinn is a prehensile tailed porcupine weighing in at six pounds. Native to South America, these critters typically reside in trees. A little known fact about porcupines: they don't actually shoot quills at you; rather, quills are released when predators try to grab them.


Zoey is a grant zebra and an herbivore, following the same diet as a horse. Born in 2014, she's been at our compound since she was just 12 days old. Zoey is sweet, lovable, and known for blowing kisses and having a strong friendship with our goats. Everyone who visits us loves to pet and interact with this super social creature; she even goes out of her way to initiate human contact!

Zoey Singing


F1 Valais Black Nose Sheep


Luca is currently six months old and has been living here since June of this year. While he is one of our more recent family members, we love him dearly. This loving, social sheep is white in color, as his nose and knees will turn black over time.