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Plan Unique Animal Adventures in Orlando, FL

When you're ready to walk on the wild side, look no further than Exotic Animal Experience. Below, you'll find a selection of our unique animal adventures in Orlando, FL. Ranging from a simple group and private visit to our all-inclusive ultimate visit package, you’ll surely find the perfect tour for the family!

Group Visits
Pet a Sloth in Our Unique Animal Adventures in Orlando, FL

Price: $150 per Person Plus Tax
Ages: 10 & Up

Treat yourself to a once in a lifetime experience with the group visit option. If you’re not in a group, you will be included with other guests to make up our group tour. For 2 hours, you will pet all of the animals, including the sloths! You will also go into the lemurs’ enclosure where my amazing troop of lemurs will entertain you endlessly. Also, you will go into the kangaroo’s enclosure where you will give the roos bottles and treats, hugs, and snuggles. Please note that the age restriction for the group visit is ten years old.

Private Visits
Private Visits

Price: Adults - $300 per Person Plus Tax
Two-Person Minimum
Ages: 10 & Up

If you prefer a private visit instead of sharing with other people, this is the visit for you. It is identical to the group visit, except it is private for your party. 

Ultimate Experience
Play With a Monkey in Our Unique Animal Adventures in Orlando, FL

Price: $380 per Person Plus Tax
Ages: 10 & Up

Are you looking for unique animal adventures? This is for you! Enjoy 2 hours of extreme animal interaction that includes holding some of the smaller animals even the sloths. You will also playing with Olive, the super fun and adorable owl monkey. You will do all the group visit offers as well, with even more interaction all the way through. This is a semi-private visit, so you always have an animal in your arms!

Private Ultimate Experience
Private Ultimate Experience

Price: $750 per Person With a 2 Person Minimum
Ages: 10 & Up

This experience is identical to the Ultimate experience, except it is 2 1/2 hours and private for your party. This means you will get even more time with each animal. For the last 30 minutes, you can choose which animals to revisit. You can even watch the sloths play in their treehouse. They are so cute! This is the best of the best and will also include interacting with our newest sweetheart Ella Bleu.

Simply Sloth Experience
Girl Taking Sefie with Sloth

Price: $225 per Person Plus Tax
Ages: 10 & Up 

To hold, pet, and feed sloths is a once in a lifetime experience. Come meet our sloths, they are the most adorable animals in the universe! This is a semi-private experience with four people in total. Cross this one off your bucket list! Ages 10 and up is a 30 minute experience, please!

Private Simply Sloth
Man on Couch Holding a Sloth

Price: $380 per Person Plus Tax
Ages: 10 & Up

This is the Simply Sloth experience for those of you that do not want to share your sloth time. Private for your party only (2 minimum), you will hold, feed, and pet the sloths. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that you will keep in your heart forever! This is a 45 minute experience

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